Friday, 20 February 2015

3d project

I've never been good at designing products, they never end up how I thought they would, but I never give up as I do really enjoy it and practice makes perfect......
So what's starts with a piece of
Scrap paper and lots of doodling (while cooking the family's dinner) and planning I used my big score to come up with an embellishment box, but could be used for lots of things and would make a lovely gift............

The out side of the box using an image from the makey bakey mice cd and the flowers are some of the embellishments from the cd.........
Here is the iside of the box 3 little boxes filled with flowers,buttons and gems. Have used another image from the makey bakey mice cd. For the whole box I have used Kraft card and crafter companions new double sided a 3 card.
I really do love how it has all come together......already planning how I can change it and make it bigger.  At some point I will added the measurements so you can all try. 

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