Friday, 7 March 2014

Trying something new..........

Well after seeing every ones colouring with spectrum noirs and pro makers, i have decided to give it ago. so i have just treated myself to the 72 pen set of the spectrum noirs, ( i will gradually build up so i can get a complete set)  some stamps from crafters companions pick of the week and all the other bits i need to get started, i think it will be good to try something different and I'm sure it will be very relaxing in the evening to sit and colour, not sure how good i will be but its something different and what do they say.....practise makes perfect. i will upload a picture of my first attempt even if it is bad just so i can also look back over time and hope i improve.
anyway I'm of to bed now I'm hoping of a crafting day tomorrow so i will catch up soon

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